Why are we the Bare Soles Explorer's?

Accredited institution studies have shown being barefoot, in simple terms, makes both kids and adults happier and smarter. We want to encourage children to learn through outdoor play and what better way to do that than in our bare feet. Research shows going shoeless not only improves foot development, but also contributes to improved brain and nervous system development. Barefooting increases spatial awareness, boosts textural sensations, lowers toxic stress, regulates stress responses and boosts immunity. Other health benefits include reduced injury, strengthened feet and lower legs, strengthened arches, strengthened ankles, increased agility, heightened awareness, and better posture.

Since both outdoor learning and going barefoot have positive scientific benefits for children as well as adults, we thought they fit together nicely and thus the Bare Soles Explorer’s was born! Learning should be interactive, fun, and tangible. Getting outdoors opens a world of creativity and exploration to young learners. Knowledge is better retained when we enjoy the experience. We find freeing your feet while learning to do just that. We find bare soles to relieve stress from the connected world as well as be a great conversation tool.

Not into going barefoot? You’re invited along on the mission too.
Keep your shoes laced and join us outdoors on some awesome learning adventures.

So why adventure barefoot? You and your family will enjoy it!

Disconnecting, unplugging and getting your children outdoors on an adventure is not only a good way to build experience but also to get moving and get grounded. Believe it or not, scientific research is being conducted on the benefits of grounding. Grounding or earthing is direct skin contact with the surface of the earth. Evidence shows grounding to be a natural and effective way to reduce stress, inflammation, pain, poor sleep, and even help with cardiovascular disease.

Grounding works on that basis that the human body is made of atoms containing positively and negatively charged electrons. When an imbalance causes an atom to lose an electron, it becomes charged – the positive charge can damage cells and contribute to chronic inflammation. Feet on the earth rebalance the atoms in your body, reducing your charge and reducing your stress. 

Our feet are the most nerve-rich part of the human body – having over 200,000 nerve endings. Grounding has healthy benefits in adults as well as children. Children who go barefoot have been shown to develop better problem-solving skills, language skills, social skills and confidence. Barefooting is not the norm. Going shoeless creates the opportunity for someone to ask why. This simple question can open a forest of opportunity for you to share with others the importance of disconnecting, unplugging and getting outdoors. Plus, you’ll be comfortable while you talk! Join us in spreading the word with other families in your community.