Why barefoot? Accredited institution studies have shown being barefoot, in simple terms, makes both kids and adults happier and smarter. It increases spatial awareness, boosts textural sensations, lowers toxic stress, regulates stress responses and boost immunity. Going barefoot is beneficial for children as well as adults. Health benefits include reduced injury, strengthened feet and lower legs, strengthened arches, strengthened ankles, increased agility, heightened awareness, and better posture. It also encourages a natural gait while you’re out exploring.

For children, going shoeless improves foot development. More importantly, research shows scientific evidence that bare feet contribute to improved brain and nervous system development. Our feet are the most nerve-rich part of the human body – having over 200,000 nerve endings. Other positive outcomes include better problem-solving skills, language skills, social skills, regulation of emotions and confidence.

So why adventure barefoot? You and your family will enjoy it!

Remember summer as a kid: no more homework, just endless time to play in the yard barefoot? Well, why not enjoy that sensation again. We encourage going barefoot for two reasons: heath and outreach. Looking for ideas for your friends and family, check out the Adventure Ideas page.


As stated above, it can be beneficial to one’s health to participate in different activities barefoot. Why not give it a try with your friends and family and determine for yourself if you can see and feel the gains.


Barefooting is out of the norm. When someone asks, “where are your shoes?”, an opportunity to share about your adventure is opened. You can not only share why your family liked to get outdoors but also what spending that time learning and adventuring mean to your household. The more conversations we can start, the more we can share this important message with others.

A little more information.

Ground yourself and relieve stress. Believe it or not, scientific research is being conducted on the benefits of grounding. Grounding or earthing is direct skin contact with the surface of the earth9. Evidence shows grounding may be a natural yet effective way to reduce stress, inflammation, pain, poor sleep, and even help with cardiovascular disease. Grounding works on that basis that the human body is made of atoms containing positively and negatively charged electrons. When an imbalance causes an atom to lose an electron, it becomes charged – the positive charge can damage cells and contributing to chronic inflammation. Feet on the earth rebalance the atoms in your body, reducing your charge. Whether grounding is proven or not, one thing is clear – removing those tight socks or shoes does feel good. And since stress has been linked to overuse of electronic devices in children and adults; we think this is a great conversational piece. It’s an easy way to begin explaining why children (and adults) need to get outside and explore their world.